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Dongguan Jinlong Electronics Co., Ltd., found in 2000, is a photoelectric enterprise with many years of experience in multinational operation. Jinlong Electronics offers a whole set of services from the photoelectric component development, photoelectric technology to photoelectric financing package of services. The company has complete specifications of the product line. Products include 3535 LED lamp beads, 3535 High-Voltage LED lamp beads, 2525 LED lamp beads,020 side LED lamp beads, 2835,5730 High-Voltage LED lamp bead,2835,5730 Plant growth LED lamp bead.

Jinlong Electronics have automatic welding machine, automatic loading machine and automatic machine scenery. It has a full set of professional LED automatic packaging production line with strict production and quality management to ensure the production, on time delivery. Jinlong has the advantage of high luminous efficiency, narrow spectrum, good color, high color, green environmental protection, precision constant current, long life of 50000 hours, low lumen, high brightness, low power consumption, strong antistatic ability and light color consistency. The color index is up to 95%.

With integrity, pioneering and innovative, mutually beneficial win-win and common development "operating principles, Jinlong Electronics will design more products to meet the broader market demand. For more details, please contact us.


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